Health, care and welfare decisions


For some people, there is a greater worry about their welfare than money. The Law has now provided some choice in planning ahead:

  • Living Will (“Advance Directive”) enables a person to set out what types of treatment (or refusal of treatment) are to be implemented if the person themselves is incapacitated or cannot otherwise give instruction to medical staff
  • Lasting Power of Attorney (Health and Personal Welfare) allows the choice of attorneys to take decisions for you on health and welfare matters if you cannot do that for yourself. Specific provision can allow / disallow decisions regarding life-sustaining treatment

True story

The Lasting Power of Attorney (Health and Personal Welfare) is proving to be increasingly popular. Mr and Mrs S have appointed me as their attorney as they have no next of kin. If need be, I will assist in any future welfare decision – arranging help for them to stay at home, or moving to residential care or medical treatment.


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