Court of Protection


If someone’s financial affairs need to be managed where they have lost the ability to undertake this themselves and no suitable Power of Attorney exists, then an application to the Court of Protection can be made for a Deputy to be appointed. A Deputy is accountable to the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) each year for their actions.

Despite recent media reports, the Court and the OPG represent a significant and invaluable resource for those who need them. Like any process involving Courts, applications are expensive (at least £400 court fees), not for the faint-hearted and (except only in the most urgent cases) are dealt with in a timeframe of months not weeks.

True story

Peter Cox is already a Deputy and can offer that role if there is no-one else appropriate. This can include working in conjunction with Social Services for the best outcome.

Applicants can receive relevant and sensible advice not only on Court paperwork but the everyday practicalities of being a Deputy.

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